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Helping people with a disability find work

Do you have a disability or mental health condition that affects you finding work?

Our Think Sandwell Specialist Employment Team can help you to find a job.

We can:

  • Provide job coaching
  • Match you with the right job
  • Make sure you're better off working
  • Set up work experience and volunteering
  • Mentor you at work
  • Make adjustments to help you at work
  • Involve your circle of support
  • Give you tailored support

We'll get to know you and find out what sort of job you would like to do, work with you on an action plan and invite you to job clubs and training.

We can help you with travel arrangements and we'll set up a work experience placement if you need it. A job coach will be there to support you.

We will help you apply for jobs and prepare you for interviews, we'll mentor you once you have a job and we'll be there for as long as you need our support.

Get in touch 

Email: enquiries_recruitment@sandwell.gov.uk

Call: 0121 569 5981 or 569 5563
Find Sandwell Jobs on Facebook and send us a message

We're based at:
Hateley Heath Family Education Training Centre
Huntingdon Road
West Bromwich
B71 2RP.