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Abandoned vehicles

Environmental Protection Team Officers, will visit and assess all reports of abandoned vehicles. An abandoned vehicle will require investigating. Officers will be looking for unroadworthy condition, broken windows, flat tyres, out of date tax. Officers are required by law to write to current owner/keepers of vehicles, before they can be removed.

You can check if a vehicle is taxed or if it has been declared SORN.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle

If you are aware of a vehicle being driven which is not currently taxed, please contact the DVLA.

If a vehicle is taxed and has been parked in the same place on the road for a considerable length of time please contact West Midlands Police.

If your vehicle has been labelled as abandoned

If your vehicle has been labelled as abandoned and you wish to claim it back you must contact us within seven days on 0121 368 1177.

You will be asked to prove you own the vehicle.