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Extra care housing schemes in Sandwell | Sandwell Council

£150 Council Tax Energy Rebate - what you need to do next

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a £150 payment to help with the cost of energy bills. The funding is provided by the Government and paid out by the Council. Find out what you need to do next. →

Extra care housing schemes in Sandwell

Contact the schemes directly to arrange to look around.


Queensridge Court, Queensway, Oldbury B68 0HW


Holly Grange, Mallin Street, Smethwick B66 1QY
Tel: 0121 569 5841

  • Run by: Sandwell Council

Penmakers Court, Millpool Way, Bearwood, Smethwick B71 2SS
Tel: 0845 850 1020 extension 5925/5928/5927/5926.


Millennium Forge, Coyne Close, Tipton DY4 8EL
Tel: 0121 557 5473

Swallow Fields, Sedgley Road West, Tipton
Tel: 0121 520 1973

Walker Grange, Central Avenue, Tipton DY4 9RY
Tel: 0121 521 5673.

  • Run by: Sandwell Council


Oakley Gardens, Dial Lane, Wednesbury B70 0EH 

West Bromwich

Goldfield Court, Dartmouth St, West Bromwich B70 8GH

Manifoldia Grange, Coyne Road, Off Bromford Lane, West Bromwich B70 7JU
Tel: 0121 569 2266

  • Run by: Sandwell Council