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Bulky waste - what we can't collect | Sandwell Council

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Bulky waste - what we can't collect

Before you book

On your collection day, you need to make sure your items are:

  • Out for collection by 6.45am
  • Empty
  • Not left out in the rain if they will become heavy when wet (for example, mattresses and sofas)
  • Left at the closest point on your property next to the road (all items need to be placed together)
  • Accessible - so not behind a gate or door
  • The items you have booked - you can't swap items
  • Not going to cause damage to the vehicle compactor
  • Not over six feet on any side, apart from carpet or floor covering which when folded must be under six feet in length
  • Able to be lifted and carried by a team of two from the collection point up to the collection vehicle

We can't collect:

  • any rubbish in black bags or other bags including domestic rubbish and garden waste will not be taken
  • cardboard or cardboard boxes. Please empty and fold or tear them up and put in your recycling bin
  • any trade or business waste
  • fixtures and fittings, including bathroom fixtures and fittings such as toilets, sinks, baths, bidets, shower trays and associated pipework (including plastic items)
  • fitted bedroom furniture
  • fitted kitchen units
  • work surfaces or work tops
  • fireplaces made of metal, concrete or marble
  • broken up fence panels or wood unless securely tied together
  • tree stumps or railway sleepers
  • large musical instruments such as pianos, organs 
  • containers containing liquids or gases or powders including household or garden chemicals or paint or liquid gas bottles or fire extinguishers
  • hazardous or special waste including asbestos and hypodermic needles - these need to be collected by a registered waste disposal company
  • any solid metal objects including engine blocks/motors
  • any vehicle parts including batteries, radiators or tyres
  • central heating related items including radiators, boilers, tanks or pipework
  • any glass either framed or unframed 
  • no mirrors either framed or unframed
  • light bulbs including fluorescent tubes
  • building waste including rubble, bricks, stones, concrete or ceramic tiles
  • garden sheds
  • wet mattresses and furniture (because it can be too heavy to lift)

You can take most of the items listed above, except business or trade waste, to the Household Recycling Centre, Shidas Lane, Oldbury, free of charge.

Check what we can collect

Check prices and book a bulky waste collection

Please note, once you book a bulky waste collection you cannot cancel it.