Please read the notes below and check that all of the information on the portal is correct. If you have any queries go to our Landloard info page where you can also find our contact details.

What to do if you think our decision to pay you is wrong

If you want to know more about this Housing Benefit decision notice or if you think it is wrong, you must complete an online dispute form within one calendar month from the date shown on the letter to either:

• Ask for an explanation of the decision or a written statement of reasons; or

• Dispute the decision and we will look at the decision again; or

• Appeal against the decision and if we do not think the decision should be changed your appeal will be heard by the Tribunals Service at an independent tribunal, who can change the decision if they think it is wrong.

To access this form – you will need to create a ‘MySandwell’ account. (Setting up your account is quick and easy and only needs to be done once). You should also use MySandwell for any online query to us about either Housing Benefit or Council Tax rather than by email. .

Disputes and Appeals must be made in writing or through the online dispute form, clearly stating the reasons why you think the decision is wrong. Please note that although landlords have certain rights to dispute or appeal on decisions about who Housing Benefit payments are made to and about the recovery of Housing Benefit overpayments; normally only the person actually making the claim and not the landlord, has the right to appeal on most aspects of a Housing Benefit claim.

Rent Arrears

If you believe a tenant might be receiving Housing Benefit but is not paying rent, you should report this to us on our online rent arrears form. If we find that benefit payments have been, or are likely to be abused, we can make future payments direct to you.

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