Landlord portal

Our Landlord Portal allows landlords within Sandwell to access details about payments you have or are due to receive along with limited information about your tenant’s Housing Benefit claims (with the tenant’s permission).

Private landlord advice

If you are a private landlord or letting agent we can offer advice on issues concerning landlord/tenant responsibility or information about the physical condition of your property.
Visit the Private landlord page.

Rent arrears

If you are a landlord and your tenant has not paid their rent using their Housing Benefit, the council may be able to make future Housing Benefit payments directly to you.
You can report rent arrears online.

Tenancy change

Report tenants moving into or out of your properties online with our tenancy change form

Payment notifications by email

Email is the fastest and easiest way to receive your payment notifications. They are sent directly to you as soon as they are produced so you can allocate your payments without waiting for the post to arrive. Sign up today.

Request payment notifications by email