On Thursday 2 May 2024, local elections will be held in Sandwell to elect local councillors. One seat will be up for election in each ward.

In May, you will be voting in three elections:

Whether you vote by post or at a polling station, you will receive three ballot papers. The ballot paper for the council election will be peach (a pale orangey pink), and the ballot paper for the Mayoral election will be yellow. The ballot paper for the PCC election will be green.

You can check who is standing in each ward in the local elections in Sandwell by downloading the Statement of Persons Nominated

You can also download the Notice of Election Agents.

Poll cards

Every registered voter will receive two poll cards this year due to the late confirmation of the Police and Crime Commissioner election.

This meant the Returning Officer was not able to combine the poll card for all the elections taking place but has a legal duty to send a poll card advising electors of the elections which are happening on 2 May, which is the reason for the second poll card.

Please do check your poll cards if you are voting in person to see if your polling station has changed. And make sure you take accepted photographic ID if you're voting at a polling station. Find out more about voter ID.

If you are not sure which ward you live in, you can check by entering your postcode

What you need to know about voting in 2024

  • To vote in 2024, you must be registered to vote.
  • If you're voting at a polling station, remember you will need to show photographic ID. That includes anyone voting by proxy on someone else's behalf. Find out more about voter ID.
  • If you vote by post and you hand in your postal vote instead of posting it back to us, there are important changes to be aware of regarding how many postal votes one person can hand in. You will also have to fill in a form if you are handing in postal votes in person. Find out more about changes to handing in postal votes. Remember, the easiest way to return your postal vote to us is by post.
  • If you want to vote by post or vote by proxy (someone voting on your behalf) you can now apply online.
  • There are changes to some polling stations - check your poll card to make sure you go to the right place.

Watch the video and read on to find out which types of photographic ID will be accepted and how to apply for free photo ID if you don't have any.

Key dates for the 2024 elections

Here are key dates for this year's elections:

You can download a full timetable for these elections to view dates for nominations and more.

Download the PCC notice of electionthe statement of persons nominated or the notice of election agents for the PCC election.

Download the CAM notice of electionthe statement of persons nominated or the notice of election agents for the CAM election.