3 and 4 year old children whose parents are working may be entitled to an extra 15 hours a week of flexible free childcare entitling them to 30 hours a week for at least 38 weeks a year (1140 hours a year). Some providers will allow you to ‘stretch’ your 30 hours entitlement over 52 weeks, using fewer hours per week.

The aim is to help families by reducing the costs of childcare, to support parents to increase the number of hours they work and/or encourage them into employment. However, this increase will only be available to families who meet certain criteria.

Free childcare is an opportunity for your child to join in play based activities in a quality environment to support their developmental learning journey and prepare them for school.

Your child will have the chance to play and learn in an environment that will help to extend their skills and experiences, develop their confidence and build on what they already know.

Childcare providers offer various models of flexibility when delivering free childcare/ early education. You will need to check directly with your preferred provider if they can offer the attendance pattern that you require for your child.

Eligibility and when/how to apply

Details of eligibility, when to apply, how to use the funding and how to apply.

Who is offering the 30 hours?

Find out which childcare providers are offering the 30 hours.

How to access your childcare account

Find out how to access your childcare account and get and retrieve your eligibility code.

Reconfirming your eligibility for 30 hours free childcare

Find out how you reconfirm your eligibility for 30 hours free childcare and/or Tax Free Childcare

30 hours for foster carers

Information on how to apply for 30 hours free childcare if you are a foster carer.