Please note that during the period 3 March 2023 to 8 March 2023 we will be working to send out the main business rates bills for the financial year 2023/24. You will still be able to access our services as normal including those that are online, however as we will have no access to up to date computer records at this time we will be unable to process any information that you provide to us during this period. Normal processing will restart from 9 March 2023.

You will receive your new business rates bill for the financial year 2023/24 from 11 March 2023 onwards.  Bills relating to any changes you may have reported from 4 March 2023 onwards will not be issued until all bills for the new financial year 2023/24 have been sent out.  Bills relating to any changes reported during the period 3 March 2023 to 27 March 2023 will be sent out from 28 March 2023 onwards. 

Explanatory Notes

You can read the explanatory notes which accompany your new bill online. 

Making payments

You can still make payments through this period should you wish.  The easiest way to do this is to set up a Direct Debit or make payments online

Contacting us

If you want to see the details of your business rates account you can view your business rates online through your My Sandwell account. To do this and find out information about other council services login to your My Sandwell account or register online

If you want to find out more information about business rates you can visit our business rates webpages.

Once you have received your new bill for 2023/24 remember to tell us about any change in circumstance which might affect your business rates charge. You can let us know by contacting the business rates team online

Key changes affecting 2023/24 bills

Revaluation 2023

The next revaluation will be effective from 1 April 2023. 

For more information please visit our Business rates Revaluation page.

Transitional Relief

At the Autumn Statement in November 2022 the government announced that it would be reforming transitional relief so for businesses seeing lower bills as a result of the 2023 revaluation, the government will make sure they benefit from that decrease in full straight away, by abolishing downwards transitional relief caps. The government also announced a £1.6 billion scheme to cap bill increases for businesses who will see higher bills as a result of the revaluation.

For the most up to date information please visit our Transitional Relief page.

Supporting Small Business Rates Relief

The Government have announced they will be protecting small businesses following the revaluation in 2023. The scheme will provide support to small businesses who have lost their entitlement to Small Business Rates Relief because of their rateable value increasing through the 2023 revaluation.

This scheme, which will be in place for the next three years, will ensure that businesses losing some or all eligibility to these reliefs will not see an increase to their bill of more than £50 per month in 2023/24.

The scheme will be automatically applied to applicable cases.

For more information please visit our Supporting Small Businesses Relief page. 

Retail Relief

From 1 April 2023 a 75% reduction for retail relief will apply for those businesses that meet the legislative criteria.  If you are already in receipt of the existing 50% retail relief, we will automatically apply the new 75% relief when we send out bills for the new financial year.  Included with your bill will be a letter explaining the relief and a declaration that you must return if you are not eligible to receive it. 

For more information please visit our Retail Relief page.