Charities and other non-profit organisations may qualify for reductions of up to 100% on their business rates bills. This is done through Mandatory and/or Discretionary Rate Relief. To be eligible for these reliefs you must apply for them every year.

Mandatory rate relief

If you apply, Registered Charities, Registered Friendly Societies and Community Amateur Sports Clubs automatically qualify for a mandatory reduction to their business rates bill of 80% if a property is used for charitable purposes. The bill can also be reduced further if you apply for Discretionary Rate Relief.

Discretionary rate relief

Charitable and non-profit organisations can also get additional 'discretionary relief' (up to a maximum of 100% of your business rates bill) if certain criteria are met.

How to apply for rate relief

Organisations have to apply for rate relief every year by completing the online application form below. You should read the criteria and guidance notes before completing the discretionary rate relief application form.

Apply for Mandatory and/or Discretionary Rate Relief

For interested applicants, the council's policy for discretionary rate relief is available.

Find out more about business rate relief

If you are having trouble accessing the form or need to talk to us about something else please contact the business rates team.