Tips on reusing items at home and through reuse and return schemes - to help you reduce the amount of rubbish you create.

Reuse at home

Many packaging items can be given a second life instead of being thrown away.

Reuse locally

There are a wide range of items that can be reused locally, instead of being thrown away - ensuring that what might be rubbish to you is useful to someone else.

Charity outlets

We work with the Community Transport charity in Sandwell who welcome reusable household items such as sofas, furniture, beds and small electricals. To arrange for items to be collected free of charge or to find out about how to obtain low cost furniture please visit the links or call Community Transport direct on 0121 520 8168.

There are a number of charity shops across the borough who will happily accept smaller items along with clothing, textiles, shoes, books, tapes and CDs.

Mobile phones

Most network providers supply a freepost return envelope with new mobile phone handsets for you to return your old handset in, where it may be tested and repaired for reuse or broken up for recycling. Some network providers will give any proceeds to charity.

Printer and toner cartridges

If you have used printer or toner cartridges there are a number of ways that you can recycle these.  Check your local charity as they may be able to provide freepost return envelopes or a collection point for them, or search online for opportunities to get money back or be able to donate to your favourite charity.

Electrical items

Some retailers will take back your old electrical item when you buy a new equivalent replacment item from them - for details of these retailers go to the recycle now website.


Most retailers who sell household batteries provide recycling collection points for them, so take your old batteries with you next time you go shopping.

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