Serco provides the collection service for your clinical waste on behalf of Sandwell Council. 

Previously this was run in partnership with Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust (Transport Services).

If you are in good health, nappies, incontinence pads and sanitary products can go in your general household rubbish - provided they are in small quantities, adequately wrapped and free of excess liquid.

However, if you are undergoing medical treatment this type of waste may present a risk.

You should consult your GP to determine whether this type of waste may present a risk and should not be placed in with your general household refuse.

Items such as:

  • soiled surgical swabs
  • soiled surgical dressings
  • pharmaceutical products 
  • syringe needles

are classed as clinical waste, and must not be disposed of with your general household rubbish.

To book the free collection of clinical waste, Sandwell residents should email or call Serco on 0121 569 6886 Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

Please note there is currently limited phone availability  and it is recommended to put any collection request in email.

Serco do not provide sharp boxes. You should request these from your GP or pharmacist.