Find out what materials you can recycle in Sandwell, or if they are not recyclable at the moment, where they can be disposed of safely.

Material Kerbside collections Household Recycling Centre Other / more information
Aerosols Blue lidded bin Yes -
Adhesives / glues No Yes -
Asbestos No


Asbestos removal
Batteries - car and household No Yes Batteries
Beds and cots No No Community Transport
Bicycles No Yes -
Books No Yes Charity shops
Cardboard Blue lidded bin Yes Home composting
Carpets and rugs No Yes Community Transport
Cartons Blue lidded bin Yes -
Cans Blue lidded bin Yes -
Ceramics No Yes Charity shops
Chipboard and MDF No Yes -
Clothing and textiles


Yes Charity shops
Computers No Yes WEEE
Cookers No Yes WEEE
Electrical appliances No Yes WEEE
Flourescent tubes No Yes WEEE  limit 10 tubes
Foil Blue lidded bin Yes -
Fridges and freezers No Yes Collection and WEEE
Furniture No No Community Transport
Garden waste Green bin Yes Home composting
Gas cylinder No Yes Exchange at suppliers (not small "disposable" helium balloon cylinders - see below) Two bottles maximum per month
Glass bottles and jars Blue lidded bin Yes -
Greetings cards Blue lidded bin Yes -
Hand tools No Yes -
Hardcore and rubble No Yes eight bags or 200kg maximum per month
Helium balloon cylinders - small No Yes These will need to be placed in the scrap metal bay after all excess gas is released
Junk mail Blue lidded bin Yes Register with the Mail Preference Service to reduce junk mail
Lightbulbs - energy saving No Yes WEEE
Liquid chemicals No Yes -
Mattresses No Yes -
Medicines No No Return to pharmacy 
Mobile telephones No Yes Return to supplier
Newspaper and magazines Blue lidded bin Yes -
Oil - car engine No Yes Limit 5 Litres
Oil - cooking No Yes Limit 5 Litres
Paper Blue lidded bin Yes -
Paint No Yes Cannot currently be recycled but will be safely disposed of - maximum of ten tins
Plaster board or loose plaster No Yes Loose plaster needs to be disposed of in sealed bags. Eight bags or 200kg maximum per month
Plastic bags Blue lidded bin Yes -
Plastic bottles Blue lidded bin Yes -
Scrap metal No Yes -
Shoes No Yes Charity shops
Soil No Yes eight bags or 200kg maximum per month
Telephone directories - white and yellow pages Blue lidded bin Yes -
Televisions No Yes WEEE
Tyres No Yes A maximum of 4 tyres per month - please note that tyres can only be accepted if they are from non-commercial vehicles. 
Wood and timber No Yes -
Yellow Pages Blue lidded bin Yes -