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Using a composting bin

Composting turns waste into nutrients for your garden and can help reduce climate change.

You don't need a big garden to make your own compost. Most garden weeds, and uncooked vegetable and fruit peelings can be composted.

Compost bin offers

We have teamed up with Even Greener so that Sandwell residents can buy composting products and water butts at bargain prices, including:

  • Compost converter, black, 220 litre - only £25.00 (OFFER - 2nd bin half price)
  • Compost converter, black, 330 litre - only £28.50 (OFFER - 2nd bin half price)

Please note that there is a £6.99 delivery charge per order.

Composting information leaflets are included with compost bins

Go to Sandwell Get Composting website to see the wide range of offers on composting products and water butts.

To order a compost bin and view other products:

  • order online at the Sandwell Get Composting website or
  • for help with ordering or if you have a current order please email:
  • or by calling 0844 571 4444

Why is composting important?

More than a third of household rubbish is food or garden waste and most of this ends up in landfill. When green and food waste breaks down in landfill, it can give off methane, a gas that has a big effect on climate change.

When green waste is properly composted at home, it doesn't give off methane. This means that composting can help reduce climate change as well as provide free food for your soil.

Mixing compost into soil will have many benefits, like providing nutrients that help plants grow and helping the soil hold on to moisture. It can even help slow down weed growth. If you make your own compost, it can help you avoid peat-based composts as extracting peat to make compost damages wildlife and adds to climate change.

Many households in the UK compost their green and food waste, and this number is growing.

For advice about home composting, visit the RecycleNow website.