So that we can process your claim as quickly as possible you need to provide evidence of your circumstances. (Please note we do not need to see original documents, photocopies are acceptable). If the documents we need are not provided, we will contact you and a decision on your claim may be delayed.

The list below shows the types of documents that you may need to provide depending upon your individual circumstances.


We are required to check your and your partner’s identity. We will need to see two of the following documents, one of these must contain your/your partner’s National Insurance Number:

  • benefit payment book or entitlement letter
  • rent book, rent card or tenancy agreement
  • bank or building society statement
  • a recent utility bill for your current address
  • medical card with NHS number
  • membership card of a trade union
  • divorce, annulment or separation document
  • life assurance policy

Your National Insurance number is likely to be found on:

  • National Insurance number card
  • P45 (issued to you when you leave a job)
  • P60 (your annual tax statement)
  • Payslips
  • Benefit payment books or entitlement letters

Proof of income

We will need to see proof of all of the income that your household receives.

If you receive any income from the Department for Work and Pensions or Tax Credits then we will not need to see proof of them as we can get proof directly from them.

If you are working then we will need to see your last five consecutive weekly or two consecutive monthly payslips. If you do not have them then you will need to ask your employer to complete an Employers Certificate.

If you have just started work and do not have all of the payslips that you need then you should provide what you have and the rest when you receive them.

All other income includes:

  • private/occupational pension letters showing your entitlement details
  • maintenance/child support payments made or received
  • student loan/grant - this must show the amount of the grant/loan and how it is made up
  • If you are self-employed we will need to see your last 12 months audited accounts. If you have    recently started your business and do not have this information then you should fill in our self employed income form

You should ensure that you provide original documents for all the income that you get, even if it does not appear in the list above.

Childcare costs

The money you pay for childcare may be taken off your earnings and Tax Credits when we work out your benefit, this can increase the amount of benefit that you are entitled to. We will need proof of the payments you make for childcare and the childminder's, nursery or play scheme's registration number.

Private tenants

If you pay your rent to a private landlord then we will need to see:

  • proof of the current rent charged
  • your tenancy agreement

Capital and savings

We may need to see proof of all capital and savings. This includes details of all bank accounts, building society accounts, National Savings Certificates, shares, property land or any other capital you may have.

Bank statements and building society books must show the last two months transactions. Bank Statements and Building society books must show the last two months transactiosn.  You must provide copies of any certificates for shares, PEPS, National Savings and Stocks.

Income and capital received by other people living in your household

We will need to see proof of all income and capital held by a non-dependants living in your household. (Please note we do not need to see original documents, photocopies are acceptable)

Providing evidence

For information about how to send us your evidence and how you will get it back please visit our providing evidence page.