Green Services includes our grounds and estate maintenance, and arb and countryside maintenance services. Our work includes:  

  • Grass cutting: our mowing season starts around the end of March and ends in October. Most grass plots are cut around every four to five weeks (weather permitting), with some sites receiving more regular cuts. Find out more about our mowing schedule.
  • Weed control: we treat weeds twice a year on hard surfaces around our council buildings, housing estates, and parks. Weed control on highways and footways is undertaken by our street cleansing contractor Serco.
  • Summer bedding: our gardeners prepare and plant flowers in our parks and formal areas during June each year.
  • Sports pitches: we mark out, maintain, and renovate around 50 football pitches and four bowling greens (during seasons).
  • Waterbodies: we help look after outdoor council pools and brook courses, with cleansing, vegetation management, and water testing.
  • Hedge cutting: our hedge cutting season takes place outside of bird nesting season, from September until March.
  • Environment Response Team: We have a team of operatives to complete works on areas with overgrowth combined with waste.
  • Trees: our arboriculture team looks after our trees, completing surveys and carrying out works when necessary to keep people safe, keep our trees healthy, and protect the homes of birds and wildlife. We are currently developing a trees strategy which will give more details on our approach to tree planting, tree works, and maintaining our trees in Sandwell. Read more information about our tree works, approach to trees, and our tree works schedule here
  • Countryside Maintenance: our team of specialist operatives look after our countryside locations, such as Sandwell Valley Country Park and Nature Reserves, and support our tree works, hedge cutting, and grass cutting.

Green Services includes many different roles – including tractor operatives, mowing operatives, tree specialists, and horticulture specialists. We have apprenticeships, work experience placements, and fixed term contract opportunities each year. If you are interested in joining our team, check job vacancies with Sandwell Council.