Our Green Services team delivers the mowing season from around the end of March until the end of October each year. This includes:

  • Amenity Mowing: grass plots that we mow or strim, and do not collect the grass cuttings (cut and drop).
    • We aim for around seven cuts per season, averaging one cut around every four weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 2,472 plots of grass (over 3.7 million square metres).
    • That means our teams can cut over 30 million square metres of amenity grass plots a year.
    • Schedule (subject to weather):  Cut One (20 March - 23 Apr), Cut Two (24 Apr - 28 May), Cut Three (29 May - 2 July), Cut Four (3 July - 6 Aug), Cut Five (7 Aug - 10 Sept), Cut Six (11 Sept - 15 Oct), Cut Seven (16 Oct - 20 Nov).

      Unfortunately, the wet weather has resulted in wet ground conditions and we have had to delay the start of our scheduled mowing season. We are currently allocating extra resources to our grass cutting teams.

      We are currently experiencing a growth spurt as we are in the main grass growing season but as the season progresses this will start to slow down and any cuttings left will start to dissipate.

  • Prestige Mowing: some grass plots around key parts of Sandwell, Parks, and heritage locations. This includes both cut and drop, and cut and collect sites.
    • We aim for around 14 cuts per season, averaging one cut every two weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 198 prestige grass plots (over 380,000 square metres)
    • That means our teams can cut over 5.3 million square metres of prestige mowing plots a year.  
  • Tractor mowing: some larger grass plots require tractor or tractor flail mowing. We aim for two to three cuts per season for these sites.
  • Sports and Green Flag Parks Mowing: we have seven gardeners who cut prestige areas weekly in Green Flag Parks, and a sports team who cut 4 bowling greens, 3 times a week.

Download and view our mowing schedules