Our Green Services team delivers the mowing season from around the end of March until the end of October each year. This includes:

  • Amenity Mowing: grass plots that we mow or strim, and do not collect the grass cuttings (cut and drop).
    • We aim for around seven cuts per season, averaging one cut around every four to five weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 2,472 plots of grass (over 3.7 million square metres).
    • That means our teams can cut over 30 million square metres of amenity grass plots a year.

We do historically experience a growth spurt during the main grass growing season from April to July. As the season progresses this will start to slow down and any cuttings left will start to dissipate. 

  • Prestige Mowing: some grass plots around key parts of Sandwell, Parks, and heritage locations. This includes both cut and drop, and cut and collect sites.
    • We aim for around 14 cuts per season, averaging one cut every two weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 198 prestige grass plots (over 380,000 square metres)
    • That means our teams can cut over 5.3 million square metres of prestige mowing plots a year.  
  • Tractor mowing: some larger grass plots require tractor or tractor flail mowing. We aim for two to three cuts per season for these sites.
  • Sports and Green Flag Parks Mowing: we have seven gardeners who cut prestige areas weekly in Green Flag Parks, and a sports team who cut 4 bowling greens, 3 times a week.

Download and view our mowing schedules