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Alarms, adaptations and equipment

If you have a disability and are having difficulty managing everyday activities at home, the right equipment, or some adaptations to your home can help. 

You may be able to get some help from us, or you could contact other organisations yourself. You can buy, borrow or be given equipment depending on your circumstances.

You must live permanently in Sandwell to get help from us, but it doesn't matter if you own your home, or if you rent it.

How to apply

Contact us by email to sandwell_enquiry@sandwell.gov.uk or call us on 0121 569 2266.

If you prefer, you can make your own arrangements and:

You can also talk to a health or social care professional, such as your doctor, or hospital staff.  If you need equipment for medical reasons, they may provide it.

What happens when you contact us?

We will talk to you about your situation and assess your needs to find out what would help. Depending on your circumstances, we may refer you to:

If we think you may qualify for more help with your care and support, we will arrange for a more detailed assessment of your care and support needs.