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Sight and hearing loss

If you have a sight or hearing loss there are services that can help.

If you are a parent of a child with sight or hearing loss, contact the Sensory Support Team for children and young people.

Support and information for adults

We have a specialist team - Sensory Services - who provide advice and support on independent living for adults with sensory impairments.

We offer help and guidance to adults who live in Sandwell, who:

  • have sight loss, hearing loss or both
  • are carers of people with sight or hearing loss.

How can we support you?

We work closely with other health and social care services to help you get the support you need. This includes care and support assessments, equipment and adaptations to your home.

We can:

  • help you adjust to sight and hearing loss, including practical training
  • give you information about local and national organisations and services.

Sight loss

We provide help, advice and training with:

  • making a drink, preparing a meal or using kitchen appliances (cooker, microwave, washing machine and so on)
  • using magnifiers, telephones, computers and other equipment
  • reading and writing
  • portable lighting
  • safer independent travel both outdoors and indoors, and the use of public transport.

Hearing loss and dual sensory loss

We will refer you to Ideal for All's Deaf Equipment Service to assess what equipment you need and provide things like flashing door bells and telephones. 

We may refer you to Sandwell Deaf Community Association for advocacy, information, training, one-to-one support, community support and young people's services.

How to contact us

Sandwell Council Enquiry
Email: sandwell_enquiry@sandwell.gov.uk
Call: 0121 569 2266
Fax: 0121 569 5789

Other organisations that could help

You can contact these organisations directly for help and advice.

Ideal for All (IFA)

Email: info@idealforall.co.uk
Call: 0121 558 5555
A registered charity run by disabled people for disabled people and their carers.

Sandwell Deaf Community Association (SDCA)

Email: info@sdca.co.uk
Call/text: 0121 525 5347
Fax: 0121 580 3088
A Deaf community led organisation delivering specialist support services for deaf and hard of hearing people in Sandwell.

Sandwell Visually Impaired (SVI)

Email: info@sandwellvisuallyimpaired.org
Call: 0121 525 4810
A user-led organisation that works with you to improve the lives of visually impaired people in Sandwell.