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Wednesbury HSHAZ

Revitalising our high street
Cultural Programme Property Grants Public Realm Clock Tower


As part of Sandwell Council's commitment to helping our struggling high streets and to highlight the historic significance of the area, we have partnered with Historic England to deliver up to £3.6m heritage regeneration scheme within Wednesbury. This will bring funding and opportunities to shop owners, organisations and visitors within Wednesbury town centre.

The project, Wednesbury High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ), is formed by three main elements:

  • Improvements to shop fronts and buildings within the towns' conservation area to revitalise the town centre, possible introduction of more homes through first floor conversions, and creation of a more enjoyable experience for residents and visitors;
  • Public realm improvements including repaving with high quality materials, planting trees and replacing street furniture, to create a safer space for pedestrians and shoppers;
  • Cultural activities to engage the community with the local high street.

Hshaz timeline image


Further details on the project is also provided at the Historic England website.