Approved venues at Highfields House:

The Highfields Room, Highfields, High Street, West Bromwich

The Sandwell Suite, Highfields, High Street, West Bromwich

The Garden Room, Highfields, High Street, West Bromwich

Fees for the registrar are inlcuded in the cost of room hire when booking a room at Highfields House. 

Other venues are available and are listed below and if you have your wedding or civil partnership ceremony at one of these buildings, you will need a registrar present to perform the ceremony. These fees are in addition to the cost of booking your venue and include one copy of your marriage certificate.

Registrar fees

The cost of booking a registrar to perform the ceremony varies depending on the day of the week:

  • Monday to Thursday - £420
  • Fridays and Saturdays- £555
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays - £643

Other approved venues:

You can view applications from premises wishing to become approved venues here.

Giving notice

Couples getting married are also required to give notice of their intention to marry at least 28 days before the ceremony.