The Council and the Voluntary and Community Sector working together in Sandwell.

The Compact is an agreement between Sandwell’s voluntary and community sector and the council. It sets the tone of our relationship, supporting us to work together to do good things for the people of Sandwell.

The Sandwell Compact is not new – we are very proud that the council was one of the first local authorities to put a Compact in place in November 1999

What is the Compact?

  • an agreement between the council and the voluntary and community sector (VCS)
  • not a legally binding document – a statement of commitment and expectations by both parties
  • a recognition of our interdependence – the VCS and the council need and benefit from each other
  • a tool to help us to manage our relationships

Intended outcomes of 2019 Compact are:

  • stronger partnerships between the VCS and statutory bodies
  • better services in Sandwell that meet local needs
  • making the best use of resources
  • improved communication between the VCS and statutory sector

 All helping us to deliver Vision 2030

To view all of the documents that make up Sandwell Compact please follow the links below:

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