Sandwell Leaving Care Service

We understand that leaving home at any age is particularly difficult without the support of your family and friends.

The staff at Sandwell Leaving Care are governed by The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000. This tells us that we must make sure that children leaving care and entering adulthood are not isolated and are able to participate socially and economically in society.

We cannot forget that some of you may feel hurt and anger from some of your past experiences. Whilst we may be unable to help soothe away most of your frustration, we are committed to offering you a similar level of support as most good parents would give to their children.

Preparing for independence may not be easy. You will need to adjust and make some changes to the way you live your life and the amount of responsibility you have. Your personal advisor will help you through this.

We hope that when you have reached a reasonable level of independence you will see how well you have adjusted.

We have put together the following pages to give you some ideas about what you can expect. Don't forget, your personal advisor is there to help you.