Home to School Travel Assistance

Free school transport explained: From who’s eligible to how it works

Before applying for assistance, please take a moment to read the following Government eligibility criteria, which provides all the necessary guidance.

Free school transport explained: From who’s eligible to how it works - The Education Hub (blog.gov.uk)

Important - Please read the following statement before applying

If you live in Sandwell, are attending the nearest school (via Safe Walking Route) you may be able to receive help with travel costs towards the cost of a bus pass.

However, there are certain criteria requirements you have to meet before you will qualify for assistance. Please read Sandwell's Home to School/College and Adult Learner Transport Policy which gives you more information on the eligibility criteria you will need to match before applying.

Please note:

  • Parent's Preference - Applications will be refused if you have chosen a school further away than the nearest appropriate school with places available. You will be responsible for meeting theses transport costs not the local authority. 
  • Change of Address or School After Assessment Approval - If your child changes school or you move address after you have been approved for travel assistance we will automatically receive a notification alert and a new assessment will be produced. If it is found you no longer qualify, we will automatically cancel the pass via National West Midlands Travel and therefore it will become inactive from that date and no longer work.

How do I apply?

Complete an application form.

Complete all relevant sections and attach all supporting documents we have asked for (photocopies are accepted). Please return your completed application to the address shown on the form.

Your application will be delayed if you don't supply the right documents.

More information

If you need any further information please call us on 0121 569 8331.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) enquiries

Please Note: If your enquiry is about Special Educational Needs (SEN) Travel, please call 0121 569 8240 or email sen_team@sandwell.gov.uk

Home to School Transport (Non-SEN) enquiries

Telephone: 0121 569 8186 or 8189.

Alternative contact number (if you are unable to speak to a staff member in the office) is;

07789 878409 - Monday to Friday.

If you wish to send your enquiry by email, please email education_benefits@sandwell.gov.uk

A member of the team will respond or contact you back by telephone if required.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you check your junk folder. Unfortunately, sometimes emails that are sent to parents are received in their junk email folder.

For students over 16

We no longer provide travel assistance to students over the age of 16.

Students should speak to their schools/colleges about the availability of the 16-19 bursary funds.

Post 16 transport policy statements

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy for Schools in Sandwell (SMOTS)

The Education and Inspections Act (2006) has placed a duty on local authorities to achieve sustainable school travel and requires the production of a strategy to ensure that this occurs.

Satisfying requirements largely depends on schools setting up, monitoring and reviewing School Travel Plans (STP), with assistance being provided by local authorities in terms of travel assistance, road safety training and advice on how to develop STPs. 

A number of different initiatives and input from various agencies is available to assist with making journeys to school safer, healthier and more sustainable. 

The Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy for Schools in Sandwell (widely referred to as SMOTS) is a document that states how local authorities aim to satisfy the requirements of the Act.  Sandwell's annual SMOTS update has been carried out recently.

Sandwell Council's Sustainable Modes of Travel to School Strategy