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Roadworks that could affect your journey

Roadworks and road closures that we think will cause significant traffic problems are shown in our supplementary information. Further information can be found at, shown above.

Other roadworks

The weekly list isn't a full list of roadworks in Sandwell. Information about other roadworks can be found by searching our street works map.

The map will give you information about planned roadworks around Sandwell - just search for a street name.

The information provided in the street works map is updated by the companies carrying out the work. The council accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies or inconvenience caused.

Road resurfacing

Sandwell’s forward programmes for 2024/25 have been derived using the latest on condition data, which has been analysed and prioritised using a risk-based approach in accordance with best practice. We also have a list of roads we are resurfacing.

The prioritisation of the schemes considers risk factors, such as condition, network hierarchy, accident data, proximity to education, medical and retail establishments, skid resistance, proximity to public transport hubs and cycle routes and aims to target those carriageways that are in a poor condition and pose the highest risk to highway users.

The schemes listed will always be subject to an Engineer’s inspection and judgement to determine the final treatment type and extent of each scheme. These inspections help to finalise the programmes each year and are therefore subject to change.

The schemes listed below do not necessarily indicate that the whole road will be treated as some schemes will be only on certain sections of a road.

The extent of the treatment is based on the condition of the road and will be confirmed following an engineering inspection.

Emergency roadworks are sometimes necessary at very short notice. This work may not appear on our weekly list or the street works map.

Proposed Road and Traffic Schemes

Please see our Proposed Road and Traffic Schemes List.

Annual carriageway network condition surveys

The condition of the classified carriageway network is assessed annually using ‘SCANNER’ surveys with skid resistance on our principal roads (‘A’ roads) measured annually using ‘Griptester.’

The condition of Sandwell’s unclassified carriageway network, sometimes referred to as the local or residential carriageway network, is assessed annually through Course Visual Inspections (CVI).

These CVI’s are undertaken using UK Pavement Management Systems (UKPMS) accredited data collection software, UKPMS accredited CVI inspectors and in line with national standards.

Sandwell is always looking at new and innovative opportunities to better understand the condition of our road network. That is why we also work with a company called ‘Gaist’ to collect and analyse data on the condition of the Boroughs carriageway network.

Planned Highway Safety Inspections

The Council also undertake a planned programme of Highway Safety Inspections. The frequencies of these planned safety inspections are broadly based on upon road hierarchy categories as recommended in the Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice.

Ad-hoc Safety Inspections

On receiving reports of potential defects, Sandwell will often undertake an ad-hoc safety inspection. These inspections are designed to identify defects likely to pose a hazard or serious inconvenience to users of the highway network or the wider community.

Temporary Traffic Management forms 

To apply for Temporary Traffic Management please see our list of temporary traffic management forms.

Applying for a Highways Licence 

To apply for a Highways License please see our list of Licence application forms

Contact us

If you have a question about roadworks in Sandwell, call us on 0121 368 1177.

Further information

For up-to-date traffic information on England's motorways and major A roads, visit the Traffic England website.