Report a problem with yellow lines

Report worn out road markings

Request new yellow lines

If you feel new yellow lines are needed call us on 0121 368 1177.

Yellow lines

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to restrict parking to help improve traffic flow, reduce the potential for accidents or to prevent obstructions of the highway.

The difference between double and single yellow lines

  • Double lines mark lengths of road where there is no waiting at any time.  There is no longer any need for signs to be placed explaining this.
  • Single lines indicate a shorter period when waiting is not permitted, such as Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm. Time plates will show the actual times of the restriction.

It is acceptable for a vehicle to park on a yellow line for as long as is necessary to drop off or pick up a passenger, or to load or unload heavy or large goods. The vehicle should be moved when the loading or unloading activity has finished. However, loading or unloading is not permitted where loading restrictions are in force, as shown by yellow markings on the kerb and on accompanying signs.

Issuing parking tickets

Any driver who parks on a yellow line and is in contravention of the restriction can be issued with a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice). These are issued by parking attendants acting on behalf of Sandwell Council, under the control of the Parking Services Team.

Blue Badge drivers and yellow lines

Drivers displaying a Blue Badge are allowed to park on yellow lines (except where there is a loading restriction) for a period not exceeding three hours, provided that they are not parked in a position which causes obstruction to other traffic or to pedestrians. They must display the front of the badge, so that all the details of expiry date, issuing authority and serial no. can be clearly seen, together with the time clock set at the time the parking commenced.  If the vehicle is causing an obstruction, West Midlands Police can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Loading on yellow lines

In general, any driver must adhere to the regulations displayed on the signs, and should not park on yellow lines.

Exemptions can, however, be made to allow removal vans or builder's vehicles to be parked adjacent to individual properties. This is done by the issuing of a waiver, which gives a dispensation from the restriction. The waiver must be displayed within the vehicle to ensure that parking attendants do not issue a Penalty Charge Notice to the vehicle.

Applications for waivers should be made to:

APCOA Parking
C/O Sandwell Council House,
Freeth Street, Oldbury
B69 3DE
Telephone 0121 569 4330

We will need details of the reason for the waiver request, the exact location, the date and times the waiver is required for and the vehicle registration number. Please give as much notice as possible when applying for a waiver. There is a charge of £12.85 per vehicle for the first day, and £6.15 per vehicle for consecutive subsequent days, for up to one week.