As highway authority we have a duty to maintain the network.  Preventive maintenance works play a key part in our maintenance programmes but understandably, some localised disruptions are experienced as with any highways works, to ensure the safety of the road user and workforce and to ensure the work can be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible.

The surface treatment we use is KielyLock where we utilise the conventional surface dressing process and return a week or so later to seal the new surface into place, this eliminates any remaining chippings, helps to protect the surface beneath and in turn helps to reduce the risk of potholes forming.

Whilst the first phase of work is relatively quick to complete due to the process and modern plant the contractors use, they do still rely heavily on distribution of materials to the site in a timely manner. The second phase of work seals the surface into place, this phase is often quicker than the first and therefore limits closure times. 

Our contractors are experienced and carry out similar works nationwide.  We have carried out similar works to roads around the borough, from cul-de-sacs to other key route network roads with good results, but as with any work some disruption is unavoidable.

Winter gritting

Road signs and street nameplates

Bridges, structures and retaining walls

Street lighting and street furniture