Definitive map modification order applications

Register of applications to modify definitive maps and statements concerning public rights of way.

Section 53B (1) Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The Register

The Register lists details of applications pursuant to section 53(5) and Schedule 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 [the 1981Act] to modify definitive maps and statements concerning public rights of way received since, or undecided on 31st December 2005.

Explanation and guide

A list of the details to be provided for each application together with an explanation is provided below.

  1. Reference - Each application is characterised by a unique reference capable of identifying the definitive map area, the year, when the application was received and a 3 digit numerical reference. For example, 001/Wed/2004 denotes the first registerable application seeking to modify the former Wednesbury Municipal Borough Definitive Map and Statement, the application being received in 2004, determined in 2005 but consequently subject to the applicant appealing the decision to the Secretary of State. Please note Sandwell comprises parts of several Definitive Maps and Statements originating from former council areas. A list of such areas is listed under the supplemental paragraph [15] of this guide.
  2. Application details - A copy of the application and accompanying maps is provided. Copies of non cartographic evidence such as user declarations that support an application are withheld from the register as are personal details of the applicant, although both can be viewed as part of the application within the service area of the council undertaking its determination. Please contact the case officer assigned to the relevant application for further information.
  3. General location - Geographical description of affected land/public right of way with address.
  4. Ordnance survey location - Six figure OS grid reference showing termination points of affected/proposed public right of way
  5. Affected property - Addresses of property occupying land extending over the land/public right of way subject to the application. This information initially provided by the applicant, and may vary as further information is obtained by the Surveying Authority. Adjacent property is excluded.
  6. Nearest town - Names of principal cities, towns, and villages nearest to affected land/public right of way.
  7. Description - A description of the intended effect of the application.
  8. Application received - Date application received.
  9. Estimated determination date - Any date set by the Surveying Authority for the determination of the application.
  10. Determination date - Date application determined.
  11. Secretary of State direction - Details of any Secretary of State direction [under paragraph 3[2] of schedule 14 of the 1981 Act] for Survey Authority to determine application within specified period.
  12. Appeal decisions - Secretary of State decision under paragraph 4 of Schedule 14 of the 1981 Act to decide an applicants appeal against a failed application.
  13. Confirmed order - If application accepted and an order made under section 53[2] of the 1981 Act then details of when order is to be confirmed [in accordance with Schedule 15 of the 1981 Act] will be entered on register.
  14. Case officer - Case officer details are provided in respect of each application.
  15. Supplemental - List of Definitive Maps and Statements/Revised Definitive Maps and Statements originating from former councils with areas now in Sandwell:
    1. Wednesbury Municipal Borough Staffs: Wednesbury Definitive Map and Statement
    2. Bilston Municipal Borough Staffs: Bilston Definitive Map and Statement
    3. Tipton Municipal Borough Staffs: Tipton Definitive Map and Statement
    4. Oldbury Municipal Borough Rounds Green Worcs: Oldbury [Worcestershire] third Revised Definitive Map and Statement
    5. Oldbury Municipal Borough Brandhall Worcs: Oldbury [Worcestershire] third Revised Definitive Map and Statement
    6. Aldridge Urban District Staffs: Aldridge Definitive Map and Statement
    7. Coseley Municipal Borough Staffs: Coseley Definitive Map and Statement
    8. Rowley Regis Municipal Borough Staffs: Rowley Regis Definitive Map and Statement
    9. Brierley Hill Urban District Staffs: Brierley Hill Definitive Map and Statement
    10. Halesowen Municipal Borough Worcs: Halesowen Definitive Map and Statement
    11. Dudley County Borough Worcs: Dudley Definitive Map and Statement
    12. Birmingham County Borough/City Warks: Sandwell Definitive Map and Statement
    13. Smethwick County Borough Staffs: Sandwell Definitive Map and Statement
  16. Index of registerable applications - Select the reference number to view the Register Item and View Application to view the actual application and plans.
Reference Post code Location Definitive map Application
001/Wed/2004 WS10 0DA  Land at Woden Road South, Wednesbury Wednesbury View Wednesbury application
001/RRegis/2009 B69 3DU Land at Dudley Road East, Tividale, Oldbury Rowley Regis View Rowley Regis application