Please note - we are not accepting evidence in person, all applicants must send their evidence electronically

What is a disabled parking bay?

It is a road marking placed on street outside your home if you do not have off street parking. It does not guarantee a parking space for you or the disabled person in your household but is simply a visual reminder to other drivers that the space is needed by a person with mobility difficulties.

What is an 'H' bar road marking?

It is a road marking, shaped like an elongated 'H', placed to discourage other drivers from parking across and obstructing access to your driveway via a properly constructed pavement crossing (dropped kerbs).

Who can apply for a disabled parking bay/’H’ bar marking?

Applicants must hold a Blue Badge, though they do not have to drive a vehicle.

The keeper of the vehicle used by the disabled person and the blue badge holder must live at the application address. Evidence will be required during the application process.

How much does it cost?

All applicants must pay a charge of £100.80 for disabled parking bays and £78.40 for ‘H’ bar markings with their application. You can pay by cash, cheque, credit or debit card or online. This is a non-refundable application assessment fee.

Are the markings enforceable?

The road markings are purely advisory and not legally enforceable by either the council’s Civil Enforcement Officers or the police.

Am I eligible for a disabled parking bay?

You can apply for a disabled parking bay outside your house provided the following conditions are met:

  • The keeper of the vehicle used by the disabled person and the blue badge holder live at the application address
  • There is no off-street parking available (e.g. garage, driveway or rear access)
  • Parking close to the application address is difficult to find on a regular basis
  • The parking bay would not cause a safety hazard to other road users
  • Parking outside the applicant’s property is not restricted (e.g. yellow lines)
  • The parking bay is not on or near a junction
  • The parking bay markings do not conflict with other road markings
  • There is enough space for a parking bay outside the applicant’s property. Exceptionally, other locations may be considered but will be subject to local consultation first.
  • The parking bay will not overlap a neighbouring property

Am I eligible for an ‘H’ Bar?

  • The keeper of the vehicle used by the disabled person and the blue badge holder live at the application address
  • The applicant’s property has a properly constructed pavement crossing (e.g. dropped kerbs)
  • The applicant’s property has a driveway or garage where the car is kept clear of the highway (pavement)
  • Access to the driveway is difficult due to regular parking near the pavement crossing

Please note

  • In the event an application is refused, the applicant will be advised of the reason(s)
  • The application fee is non-refundable
  • If your application is approved, the work will be carried out as soon as possible – this type of work is subject to good weather
  • If a person with a disabled parking bay is not awarded the renewal of a Blue Badge, or hands it in for some reason, or moves house, or passes away, please let us know so that the marking can be removed
  • A disabled parking bay will not be marked to tailor-fit specific vehicles
  • A disabled parking bay/’H’ bar will not be provided for use by friends, relatives or ambulances when they collect a disabled person from their home
  • An ‘H’ Bar marking will only be marked from the point where the kerbs taper down

How to apply?

To apply please contact


Tel: 0121 569 4630

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Or write to:

Access Applications
Urban Design and Building Services
Sandwell Council House
Freeth Street
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