Controlled on-street parking space within the Borough of Sandwell February 2015

There are currently 2,831 restricted parking spaces/bays taking up 17,914 metres of Kerb-side space within the Borough.

On-street parking bays in Sandwell

Type Number Length Notes
Disabled parking 76 483m  
Taxis 24 140m  
Loading only 68 1130m  
Limited waiting only 1207 7533m plus 668 shared use, total 1975
Pay and display 282 1740m 33 bays shared use
Residents parking 1174 6888m  


Of the residents parking 668 of these spaces are shared use providing limited waiting during all or part of their times of operation. Only 506 of the spaces are totally dedicated to valid residents permit holders during their hours of operation, 311 of which operate 24 hours 7 days a week.