Currently we have one permanent traveller site with 16 pitches at Hillside View, Brierley Lane, Bilston.

A neighbourhood officer is responsible for the management of the permanent traveller site at Hillside View to help residents to get access to mainstream services. We also liaise with residents and external services to promote community development.

There is a waiting list for pitches. When a pitch becomes available, the vacant pitch is allocated in line with the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pitch Allocation Policy.

This policy aims to ensure that the allocation of pitches is fair and transparent and that pitches are let on a basis of need by placing applicants in a banding system according to their greatest level of need. 

Who is eligible to join the pitch register? 

People who qualify for inclusion on the pitch register must be Gypsies, Roma or Travellers consistent with the following definition :

  • persons with a cultural tradition of nomadism or of living in a caravan; and 

  • all other persons of a nomadic habit of life, whatever their race or origin, including:

    • such persons who, on grounds only of their own or their family’s or dependant’s educational or health needs or old age, have ceased to travel temporarily or permanently; and

    • members of an organised group of travelling show people or circus people (whether or not travelling together as such).

How to apply and who to contact 

Applications to the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pitch Allocation Scheme can be made by submitting a Pitch Application Form. You can do this by:

  • Postal application form 

  • In a Local Housing Service Centre (not currently available due to Covid-19)

  • A home visit (where appropriate)

  • Downloadable application form

Advice and assistance is available to any applicants when applying to the Pitch Allocation Scheme. For example, assistance can be provided where an applicant is unable to read or write.

Contact details 

For more information please email or call 0121 368 1166.

Travellers transit site

The council has a transit site in Smethwick where groups who set up unauthorised encampments in Sandwell will be directed to by the council and the police.