A dangerous structure is any structure which could endanger somebody because of its condition. This includes buildings; parts of buildings i.e. loose slates, tiles, garden walls, fences and hoardings.

How to report a dangerous building or structure

Please call the following numbers at the appropriate times:-

0121 569 4054  Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4.30pm and Friday 8am to 4pm.  

07710154913, 07867462874 or 07976757188 Monday to Thursday, 4.30pm to 5.30pm and Friday 4pm to 5pm

Or call our emergency number 0800 844112 outside these hours.

Please tell us:

  • the address of the danger
  • a description of what you consider to be dangerous and its location
  • any information known about the site ownership or access
  • your name and contact number so that we can advise you of the action taken (optional).

Buildings can become dangerous at any time and for a variety of reasons ranging from settlement or old age, vehicle impact, vandalism or design defects, to more dramatic causes such as fire, explosion or storm damage.

We work closely with the Police, Fire Brigade and other emergency services as well as external government agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environmental Agency to ensure buildings in Sandwell are safe.