At Sandwell Museums and Arts Service we welcome applications for work experience and work placements from students as part of school work experience programmes and for older students as part of further and higher education courses.

Year 10 Schools Work Experience

We welcome applications from pre-GCSE level students from April-November.

  • We are unable to take work experience students from January- March as our sites are closed.
  • We are able to take students for a period of one week or for 5 days in total in different weeks.
  • We aren't able to accommodate students on Mondays as many of our staff do not work on Mondays and others have days off for weekends worked. Students can either do a 4 day work experience or do a weekend day or an alternative day on another week.
  • We do not take pupils at individual buildings - we expect students to be able to work at any of our 4 main buildings - this is because there may not be staff in certain buildings on certain days, or because different activities go on at different buildings throughout the week and will give students a better idea of the activities we undertake.
  • We are only able to take one student at a time unless a specific project is advertised as a work experience opportunity
  • We would expect at least 3 months notice before agreeing to a work experience placement.
  • After agreeing to take a student we will forward specifics of the timetable for the time the student is with us a week before - we are unable to send it earlier as we may not be certain what is going on in the service and therefore what the student can get involved with until a later date.

Further and Higher Education Students

We welcome applications from students who are working at a higher level. A placement in museums can be great for university students, teaching students, travel and tourism students and many other subjects.

  • The time you are with us is negotiable, we can take students for consecutive weeks or for a number of hours over a certain amount of time. Talk to us about what is possible.
  • We are able to take placements from college students from February-November depending on what it is the student is studying -please note museums are closed from January-March.
  • We cannot accommodate placements on Mondays.
  • We may expect students to be able to travel between buildings depending on the nature of their placement.
  • We would need at least 3 month's notice before we can accept a placement.

Applying for work experience or a work placement

Download at Sandwell MBC application form and forward it to stating why it is you would like to have your placement at Sandwell Museums.