Training and Capacity Building

At Sandwell Council, we believe that effective training is crucial in combating modern slavery. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to potential instances of slavery, we can make a significant impact in our efforts to eradicate this heinous crime. Our comprehensive training programs aim to raise awareness, enhance understanding, and empower professionals and community members to take action.

Training for Professionals:

We offer specialised training programs for professionals who may encounter situations related to modern slavery in their work. Our training sessions provide in-depth knowledge about modern slavery, its various forms, indicators, and the legal frameworks surrounding it. Participants will learn how to effectively identify potential victims, respond appropriately, and access the necessary support systems. We prioritise practical skills development, case studies, and interactive discussions to enhance understanding and application in real-world scenarios.

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Community Awareness Workshops:

We understand the importance of engaging the wider community in the fight against modern slavery. Our community awareness workshops are designed to educate and empower individuals from all walks of life. Whether you're a concerned citizen, a community group member, or a volunteer, these workshops provide a valuable opportunity to learn about modern slavery, its impact on individuals and society, and how everyone can play a role in combating it.

The workshops cover topics such as recognising signs of modern slavery, reporting mechanisms, and understanding the support available for victims. We encourage participants to ask questions, share their insights, and engage in meaningful discussions to foster a collective understanding and commitment to ending modern slavery.

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Tailored Training Programs:

We understand that different organisations and sectors may have unique needs and requirements when it comes to training on modern slavery. Therefore, we offer tailored training programs to meet specific organisational needs. Whether you're a business, a community group, or a public institution, our team can work with you to design and deliver customised training sessions that address your specific concerns, industry challenges, and organisational context.

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Collaborative chats:

Collaborative Chats is a dynamic and interactive team session designed to foster awareness and engagement on important topics. During these sessions, team members come together in a relaxed and supportive environment to exchange insights, share perspectives, and broaden their understanding of critical issues. The Collaborative Chats sessions are conducted in a bite-sized format, lasting approximately 20-30 minutes. They are led by facilitators who guide the conversation and encourage active participation from all team members.

Join Us in the Fight Against Modern Slavery:

By investing in training and capacity building, we aim to create a network of knowledgeable and vigilant individuals who are committed to identifying, reporting, and preventing modern slavery. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and work towards a future free from exploitation and abuse.

Spotlight Sessions: Shining a Light on Modern Slavery

At Sandwell Council, we understand the importance of raising awareness and deepening understanding about modern slavery and its various forms. In our ongoing commitment to combatting this issue, we host regular "Spotlight Sessions" to shed light on specific aspects of modern slavery that require increased attention and understanding. These sessions provide a platform for open dialogue, sharing knowledge, and learning from experts and professionals in the field.

Our Spotlight Sessions bring together individuals from various sectors, including professionals, community members, and concerned citizens, to explore specific topics related to modern slavery. Through informative presentations, engaging discussions, and interactive activities, these sessions aim to enhance awareness, challenge preconceptions, and inspire action towards eradicating modern slavery in all its forms.

Here are some recent Spotlight Sessions that we have conducted:

Spotlight on Cuckooing

Spotlight on Modern Slavery in the Care Industry

These Spotlight Sessions serve as platforms for learning, collaboration, and community engagement. By shining a light on specific aspects of modern slavery, we aim to empower individuals and organisations to take proactive steps in identifying, reporting, and preventing exploitation. Together, we can create a stronger, more informed community that is resilient against modern slavery.

To inquire about our training programs or to request a tailored session for your organisation, please contact our Modern Slavery team via email Let's join forces and build a strong community that is equipped to tackle modern slavery head-on.