At Sandwell Council, we are committed to combating modern slavery and human trafficking in our community. To effectively address this issue, we have established the Sandwell Strategic Anti-Slavery Partnership, in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners. This partnership works tirelessly to implement a comprehensive and coordinated approach, aiming to prevent, pursue, protect, and prepare against modern slavery. Through our involvement in regional and national networks, we are part of a wider movement dedicated to eradicating this crime.

Sandwell's 4 P Approach:

Our approach to tackling modern slavery in Sandwell is based on the 4 P framework: Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare. This multi-faceted strategy enables us to address the various aspects of modern slavery comprehensively.

Prevent: We focus on prevention by raising awareness, educating the public, and implementing measures to reduce the risk of individuals falling victim to modern slavery. By promoting understanding and vigilance, we empower our community to recognise the signs and take action.

Pursue: We actively pursue perpetrators of modern slavery, working closely with law enforcement agencies and other partners. Through investigations, prosecutions, and robust enforcement, we aim to hold those responsible for modern slavery accountable for their actions.

Protect: Our commitment to protecting victims is paramount. We have a three-stage approach to victim protection. Firstly, we ensure immediate support and care for victims, including access to safe accommodation, healthcare, and specialised services. Secondly, we work with support organisations to facilitate long-term recovery and integration for survivors. Lastly, we provide ongoing assistance and guidance to help victims rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

Prepare: We recognise the importance of preparedness in addressing modern slavery effectively. Through training, capacity building, and collaboration with partners, we enhance our collective ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to instances of modern slavery. By continually improving our knowledge and skills, we stay one step ahead in the fight against this crime.

Partnerships and Networks:

Sandwell's efforts are not limited to our local community alone. We actively engage in partnerships and networks to amplify our impact and collaborate with like-minded organisations. Some of our key partnerships include:

Slavery and Human Trafficking Operational Partnership (SHOP): SHOP is a collaborative initiative involving law enforcement agencies, local authorities, and other stakeholders. This partnership focuses on sharing intelligence, coordinating operations, and disrupting criminal networks involved in modern slavery.

Regional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Board: Sandwell is part of the Regional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Board, which brings together organisations from across the West Midlands to address modern slavery collectively. By sharing best practices and coordinating efforts, we strive for a region-wide approach to combating this crime.

West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network: Our participation in the West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network allows us to connect with diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, businesses, community organisations, and academia. This network enables information sharing, collaboration, and the development of innovative strategies to combat modern slavery.

LGA Modern Slavery Network: We are affiliated with the Local Government Association (LGA) Modern Slavery Network, which provides a platform for local authorities to share knowledge, resources, and expertise in tackling modern slavery. This network strengthens our ability to learn from others, access training opportunities, and influence policy at a national level.

The Sandwell Strategic Anti-Slavery Partnership, guided by the 4 P Approach, is dedicated to eradicating modern slavery from our community. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to victim protection, we strive to create a society where every individual is free from exploitation. By engaging in regional and national networks, we extend our impact and contribute to the broader movement against modern slavery