Modern slavery strategy and delivery plan

Welcome to the Modern Slavery Strategy and Delivery Plan section of our website. Here, we present our comprehensive strategy and action plan aimed at tackling modern slavery in Sandwell. Our strategy outlines our commitment, vision, and objectives, while the delivery plan provides a roadmap for implementing specific actions and initiatives to achieve our goals.

Understanding the gravity of the modern slavery issue and the urgent need for collective action, we have developed a robust strategy that encompasses a range of key areas. Our strategy considers the insights gained from extensive research, consultations with experts, and collaboration with various stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, support organisations, community groups, and the local community.

Our Approach:

Our strategy is built on a multi-faceted approach known as the "4 P's": Prevent, Pursue, Protect, and Prepare. This approach allows us to address modern slavery comprehensively and effectively. We recognise that preventing modern slavery requires proactive measures, pursuing perpetrators is essential for justice, protecting victims is paramount, and preparing our communities to identify and respond to modern slavery is crucial.

Key Objectives:

Governance and Accountability:

  • Establish a robust governance structure that ensures effective oversight, accountability, and alignment with our organisational objectives.
  • Implement clear roles and responsibilities, assigning accountability for the implementation of the modern slavery strategy.
  • Regularly review and update policies, procedures, and practices to meet evolving best practices and legislative requirements.

Training and Awareness:

  • Develop and deliver comprehensive training programs to educate employees, contractors, and suppliers about modern slavery, its indicators, and reporting mechanisms.
  • Raise awareness of modern slavery risks and prevention strategies through internal and external communication channels.
  • Foster a culture of vigilance and reporting by providing guidance and support to individuals who encounter potential instances of modern slavery.

Identifying and Supporting Adult Victims:

  • Establish protocols and procedures to identify and support adult victims of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains.
  • Collaborate with relevant organisations and authorities to ensure appropriate assistance, including access to healthcare, legal support, and rehabilitation services.
  • Continuously improve our processes to enhance victim identification and support mechanisms.

Identifying and Supporting Child Victims:

  • Develop specific protocols and procedures to identify and support child victims of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains.
  • Engage with child protection agencies and organisations to ensure the well-being, safety, and appropriate care for child victims.
  • Advocate for the rights of child victims and work towards their recovery, reintegration, and prevention of future exploitation.

Disruption and Prevention:

  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and industry partners to actively disrupt and prevent modern slavery activities.
  • Share intelligence, best practices, and resources to enhance collective efforts in combating modern slavery.
  • Implement measures to prevent and deter modern slavery, including robust risk assessments, due diligence processes, and supplier engagement strategies.

Procurement and Commissioning:

  • Implement robust procurement and commissioning processes that prioritise ethical considerations, including the prevention and mitigation of modern slavery risks.
  • Strengthen supplier due diligence processes to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with anti-slavery standards.
  • Collaborate with suppliers to establish mechanisms for ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of their anti-slavery efforts.

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • Establish robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of our modern slavery prevention efforts.
  • Transparently report on our progress, challenges, and actions taken to combat modern slavery, contributing to public understanding and awareness.
  • Regularly review and evaluate our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure alignment with evolving best practices and legislative requirements.

Modern slavery strategy 2023-2027

Delivery Plan:

Our delivery plan outlines specific actions, initiatives, and timelines for implementing the objectives outlined in our strategy. It provides a structured framework for monitoring progress, evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, and ensuring accountability.

Modern slavery delivery plan 2023-2026

We regularly review and update our strategy and delivery plan to stay responsive to emerging trends, challenges, and best practices in tackling modern slavery. By continuously assessing our approach, we can adapt and refine our efforts to achieve maximum impact.

The Modern Slavery Strategy and Delivery Plan section demonstrates our unwavering commitment to combating modern slavery in Sandwell. Through our holistic approach, key objectives, and a comprehensive delivery plan, we aim to create a borough where exploitation has no place, victims are supported, and perpetrators are brought to justice.

We invite you to explore this section to learn more about our strategy, action plan, and ongoing initiatives. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a society free from the shackles of modern slavery.