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Taking on an employee with a disability - advice for employers | Sandwell Council

Taking on an employee with a disability - advice for employers

The council's Specialist Employment Team can help you to grow and diversify your workforce by helping you take on an employee with a disability.

We can help you find the best person for the job - and at the same time, help your company to become a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

Employing disabled people enables your company to:

  • access a wider pool of potential employees
  • reduce your recruitment costs
  • meet your corporate social responsibilities.

Evidence shows that people with disabilities:

  • Remain in post longer, have lower absence rates and good punctuality
  • Improve the diverse profile of your workforce
  • Improve your company image with customers and investors
  • Improve workforce cohesion. Evidence suggests that employing people with learning disabilities contributes positively to the culture and social climate of the workplace.

Think Sandwell's Specialist Employment Team helps employers to recruit and retain reliable and motivated staff.

  • We will work with you to match your vacancies and business needs to the skills of our candidates.
  • We identify motivated people who want to work for your company. Candidates will be able to demonstrate their skills, commitment and suitability by completing a working interview or work trial.
  • This helps us find the best person to match your business.
  • We provide ongoing mentoring and support to you and your employee to make sure they settle into their role and become a highly valued employee.
  • We will provide information, advice and guidance on Access to Work funding and workplace adjustments with techniques such as tailoring tasks to individual skills and job carving.
  • We can provide Disability Awareness training at no cost to you.
  • Using us to recruit someone costs you nothing.

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