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Am I being abused? | Sandwell Council

Am I being abused?

If someone makes you feel frightened, intimidated, nervous, bullied, ridiculed, powerless, guilty, or criticises you, calls you names, tells you it's your fault - they are hurting you...

Yes, you are suffering domestic abuse

If someone prevents you from; attending college or employment, having friends, seeing family, attending English language classes, or from socialising...

Yes, you are suffering domestic abuse

If a family member is forcing you to cook and clean for everyone and not allowing you any freedom or choices, or they use threats about your immigration status, or your rights as a mother or wife or prevents you from going out or controls your money...

Yes, you are suffering domestic abuse

If all of the above behaviours are not acts of love or traditional practices.  They are all forms of domestic abuse.

Call 0121 552 6448 (24 hours) for advice and support.

There is lots of other support available if you are suffering abuse.