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£150 Council Tax Energy Rebate - what you need to do next

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a £150 payment to help with the cost of energy bills. The funding is provided by the Government and paid out by the Council. Find out what you need to do next. →

Apply online for building regulation approval

There are four online guides available to help you understand how the Building Regulations apply to work you may undertake.  There is a guide on telling you about the building regulations, a guide on planning a home improvement project, a guide on before work begins: planning your home improvement project and a guide on specific projects.

Submit your building regulations online

Please contact to discuss your options for payment.

You can view the relevant privacy notice in relation to how we will use your personal information which is held against your application.

If you have any queries, or further details to submit after your submission please contact building consultancy direct by emailing all your documents and enquiries to