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Noise nuisance

We investigate a wide range of noise complaints including:

  • loud music
  • burglar alarms that go off regularly
  • noisy dogs
  • noise from businesses such as pubs, clubs and factories.

If you have an issue with a noisy neighbour, please download this information leaflet which will tell you how we deal with these issues. Where you have a noise problem, the best approach is for you to speak to your neighbour first to try and resolve the matter. The leaflet gives advice on how to do this.

If approaching your neighbour has not worked you can:

Report noise nuisance online

You will need to keep a record of what the noise is, the times when it happens, how long each incident lasts and how it causes you inconvenience.

The information leaflet gives advice on how to keep a record.

Once you have registered your noise complaint online, you can add records to your noise diary by logging into your MySandwell account.

We will then examine the record to assess whether the noise amounts to a statutory nuisance.

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