Museums for schools - Key Stage 1 (KS1) activities

Sandwell Museums has a regular range of activities for children at KS1 and we are developing new sessions all the time.Click the links below to find out more. You can find more information by emailing  but you will need to phone the relevant site to make a booking and we will then send you the booking form and guidance notes.

The knot garden is currently the only part of the Oak House Museum gardens in similar keeping with the 1600s

Please note that our sessions are delivered at the relevant museum and not outreach sessions. Our buildings are inspiring, evocative and motivating for the children it is the buildings which tells the story. History where it happened.

1. Tudor time travelling for KS1 - Houses and Homes and Old Toys, Oak House a session which sees the children travel back and learn about old toys and houses and homes 400 years ago. The session also examines similarity and difference between life then and now, materials and how things work. We also undertake a similar session which just focuses on Houses and Homes and Buildings and how they were built. The sessions are also a great springboard for creative writing and literacy sessions. one or two classes (the two class session is based around houses and homes and buildings but if you would like the toys and pastimes session to replace one of the building sessions we can fir this into the day, just state this on your booking form and when contacting us, Oak House - 0121 553 0759. 10am-2.30pm

2. Victorian time travelling for KS1 - Houses and Homes and Old Toys - Haden Hill House, a session which sees the children travel back and learn about old toys and houses and homes in Victorian times. The session also explores then and now, similarity and difference, materials and how things work. The sessions are also a great springboard for creative writing and literacy sessions. Maximum 33 children, Haden Hill House - 01384 569 444. 10am-2.30pm

3. Homes Then and now - Haden Hill House.  a half day session which sees the children undertake a tour, some hands on activities and examining old and new household objects. The sessions are also a great springboard for creaative writing and literacy sessions. Maximum 33 children, Haden Hill House - 01384 569 444. 10am-12.30pm

4. How we used to play - Toy handling session either a half day or full day at Wednesbury Museum.max 33 children in the museum. 10am-12:30pm 0121 556 0683 (this is not an outreach session but delivered in the museum)

5. We have a range of handling collections for use in the classroom which are great for looking at life in the past and examining key historical themes such as then and now and similarity and difference. They are however great for storytelling, creative writing, art and all subjects and topics.

6. William Morris - Patterns in Nature: Art, design, maths, famous people, Victorians. Haden Hill House, A full day session examining William Morris and his work, exploring the Morris Wallpaper at Haden Hill House, discovering repeat patterns by creating tiles and wallpaper. A great session for art and maths topics as well as famous people discovering William Morris himself.Call 01384 569 444. Maximum 33 children, Haden Hill House. 10am-2.30pm

7. The Tale of Gideon Grove - Storytelling and literacy, history (The Gunpowder Plot). Oak House, A session based at the time of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. A servant of one of the plotters escapes and rumour has it he is lurking around the grounds to Oak House. Your class will arrive as village children to discover the truth. A day of activities designed to help the children have and exciting experience within Gideon's story with lots of inspiration for creative writing. The children learn about life in the house and get to examine objects, they have to look for clues and work in groups to discuss what the clues mean and what they tell the children about Gideon and who he is, there is then discussion, reflection and feedback. The day is undertaken in costume and character.  Ideal for topics around stories and creative writing or the Gunpowder Plot. Maximum 33 children from 10am-2:30pm. 

8. Fire Fire! The Great Fire of London - Oak House, A day looking at houses in 1666, how they were made, lighting, heating, cooking and furnishings and how this contributed to the spread of the Great Fire of London in 1666. The children examine how the Oak House was built and the fire hazards which lurked within in the 1600s. The children also explore how fires could be controlled or put out and get the chance to put out an imaginery fire in our Old Barn. Suitable for one class. 10am-2pm.

8. Faerie Tales - Storytelling and literacy session. Step into the happily ever after and explore our fairy tale medieval house with our fairy tale character. The children dress up, explore, discover, find clues, get inspired and develop skills through stories.  Based around Jack and the Beanstalk. Fantastic to inspire creative writing, critical thinking and problem solving.  Max 33 children, The Manor House. 0121 588 2985. 10am-2:30pm or 10am-12:30pm

9. Seaside 1910 - Haden Hill House. Join us for our annual seaside sessions with Punch and Judy, seaside sing-a-long, write postcards and examine seaside objects then and now. Specific dates in June and July. half day session, morning or afternoon

10. Why not use us for a one off project around literacy, history citizenship, art or drama. Our historic buildings and museum objects are great for teaching across the curriculum - contact us with your ideas.