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Our Green Services team delivers the mowing season from around the end of March until the end of October each year. This includes:

  • Amenity Mowing: grass plots that we mow or strim, and do not collect the grass cuttings (cut and drop).
    • We aim for around seven cuts per season, averaging one cut around every four weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 2,472 plots of grass (over 3.7 million square metres).
    • That means our teams can cut over 30 million square metres of amenity grass plots a year.
    • Schedule (subject to weather):  Cut One (March 20 - 3 Apr), Cut Two (4 Apr - 8 May), Cut Three (9 May - 5 June), Cut Four (6 June - 3 July), Cut Five (4 July - 6 Aug), Cut Six (8 Aug - 11 Sept), Cut Seven (12 Sept - 18 Oct).
  • Prestige Mowing: some grass plots around key parts of Sandwell, Parks, and heritage locations. This includes both cut and drop, and cut and collect sites.
    • We aim for around 14 cuts per season, averaging one cut every two weeks (weather dependent).
    • There are 198 prestige grass plots (over 380,000 square metres)
    • That means our teams can cut over 5.3 million square metres of prestige mowing plots a year.  
  • Tractor mowing: some larger grass plots require tractor or tractor flail mowing. We aim for two to three cuts per season for these sites.
  • Sports and Green Flag Parks Mowing: we have seven gardeners who cut prestige areas weekly in Green Flag Parks, and a sports team who cut 4 bowling greens, 3 times a week.

You can download and view our mowing schedules:

Amenity Mowing Schedule 2023/24

Prestige Mowing Schedule 2023/24

Tractor and Tractor Flail Schedule 2023/24

Frequently asked questions about mowing

When do I know a grass plot will be cut?

We can't give an exact date that a grass plot will be cut. Our mowing schedule gives a period of four weeks (two weeks for some) when you can expect the grass to be cut.

Why is the grass longer at different times during the season?

We have no way of knowing when we plan for the season what weather to expect, and how quickly grass will grow at the start or end of the season. That is why we have a schedule of cuts for different plots. You may see grass grow longer if it rains a lot.

Do you clear the rubbish before you cut the grass?

Yes. Our mowing operatives check the grass plot for litter and either clear it themselves or, if there is too much litter, refer it to our street cleansing contractor Serco.

Why don't you collect the clippings?

Most of our plots are 'cut and drop', which means we do leave the grass clippings on the grass plot. This is to save on green waste, and it is better for the environment.

Why have they not cut my grass plot?

We cut more than 35 million square meters of grass a year. We aim for an average number of cuts a year and work to an estimated schedule. Sometimes the scheduled cut is not possible, or delayed, because of weather, sickness, or equipment issues.

I can't see the grass plot I want cut on the schedule?

There are some grass plots that are intentionally left to grow during the season. This is good for wildlife and biodiversity. Other grass plots may be on private land, and not cut by our teams.