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Private tenant struggling with rent | Sandwell Council

£150 Council Tax Energy Rebate - what you need to do next

The Council Tax Energy Rebate is a £150 payment to help with the cost of energy bills. The funding is provided by the Government and paid out by the Council. Find out what you need to do next. →

Private tenant struggling with rent

Are you a tenant of a private landlord and struggling to pay your rent and at risk of homelessness?

It is best that you call us as soon as possible as we can work with you and your landlord to try and help you stay in your home. Call the service as soon as possible on 0121 368 1166 (Option 2) or see our ‘Homelessness and Housing Options in Sandwell’ information pack.

Are you a private landlord with a tenant that is struggling to pay their rent or have other tenancy issues?

If you are having issues with your tenants and are considering taking action, including eviction, then please call us as soon as possible. We have a new service that can help explore the problems and potential solutions to prevent the need for eviction. This could include mediation or supporting the tenants with other services to help them address the issues and could save you time and money on lengthy eviction processes. Please contact us on 07741 338843 or email us.