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What can the council do about them? | Empty properties | Sandwell Council

Empty properties

What can the council do about them?

Empty property - before

Empty properties are a wasted resource, especially when so many people need housing.  We can find out who owns empty or abandoned properties and work with owners to bring them back into use.

If you notice that a neighbour hasn’t been at their property for some time because their gardens have started to become overgrown, they haven’t been putting their bins out regularly or you haven’t seen them for a while and you suspect that a Council property may have been abandoned, please let us know

Report a suspected abandoned property

The Empty Property Leaflet contains ideas about tackling privately owned empty properties, gives advice to owners of empty properties and talks about the powers available to the Council if an empty homes continues to be a nuisance to a neighbourhood.

If you are moving into a previously empty property the Empty Property Standard Document is a checklist of the work the council will complete in the property to bring it up to the Empty Property Standard. Once all of these are completed it will look and feel more like a home.