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Information for candidates in the May 2023 Local Elections | Sandwell Council

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Information for candidates in the May 2023 Local Elections

Voter ID - you need to use photo ID to vote at a polling station

Below you will find links to all documents for candidates and agents associated with the 2023 Local Elections.

You can also find information for candidates on the Electoral Commission website.

Candidates and agents briefings

Briefings for candidates and agents ahead of the 2023 Local Elections were held earlier in March. If you missed the briefing you can watch a recording of it.

At the count

This useful video for counting assistants will tell you more about how counting is done after the election.

What happens to postal votes?

This useful video shows you what happens to postal votes.

Results of previous elections

You can view the results of previous elections.

Political make-up of Sandwell Council

Sandwell is a Labour-controlled council divided into 24 wards represented by 72 ward councillors.

Check the current political make-up of Sandwell Council.