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Voting by proxy

If you are unable to go to your polling station on election day, you may wish to appoint someone to vote on your behalf as proxy. To vote by proxy in the May 2022 elections, you would need to apply by 5pm on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

You can have a proxy vote if:

  • You are registered blind.
  • You receive the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance.
  • There are circumstances resulting in you being unable to go to the polling station at a particular election - for example, because you are on holiday.

Download the proxy vote form, complete it and return it by email to by the deadline.

You can also have a proxy vote for the following reasons, which are usually long term and generally require attestation (must be signed in support):

Physical incapacity

The application must be supported by a registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or Christian Science practitioner providing that the person is giving you care or treatment. If you are in a residential home or sheltered housing then the head of home or warden can support your application.

Occupation, service or employment

The application must be supported by your employer. If you are self-employed the person supporting your application must be 18 or over, must know your circumstances and must not be related to you.

The closing time and date for applications is 5pm, six working days before the election.

Download the proxy vote form, complete it and return it by email to

Emergency proxy applications

In certain circumstances, where you have an emergency that means you can't vote in person, you can apply for an emergency proxy so someone else can vote on your behalf.

This must be something that you weren't aware of before the normal proxy vote deadline (5pm on 26 April 2022).

These applications can be made up to 5pm on polling day (Thursday 5 May 2022) and must be emailed to

You will need to scan the completed form as it must contain your signature and then email it as an attachment.