Voting at a polling station

You can cast your vote in person at your local polling station. Voting at a polling station is very straightforward and there is always a member of staff available to help if you're not sure what to do.

If you are on the electoral register, you will receive a poll card before the election telling you where and when to vote -  this may be different to that listed here as sometimes we have to change venue.

What appears on the poll card will be the correct one for that election.

Where do I vote?

Your polling card will tell you which polling station to vote at, or you can use the link below. 

Find your polling station

On election day, go to your local polling station. Polling station opening hours are 7am - 10pm.

If you are disabled and need assistance getting to the polling station, contact our elections team to find out what help is available. You can also ask to have a companion with you when you vote.

If you have a visual impairment, you can ask for a special voting device that allows you to vote on your own in secret.