We have a duty to involve our customers in decisions that affect them and the area they live, work or study in.

As well as local people and service users, our customers include local businesses, voluntary groups and visitors to Sandwell.

Current consultations

You can view a full list of current consultations on our consultation database.


Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a national programme delivering Health and Social Care integration.

In Sandwell we are developing services that will support the future growth and development of our communities whilst promoting individual independence, health and wellbeing.

Your views are very important to us and we need your help to develop a future model of community support for Sandwell.

To help us develop the services you would like to see in Sandwell, we invite you to share your views with us by completing this short questionnaire.


Consultation on changes to Sandwell's Transport Policy

Sandwell Council are consulting on proposed changes to the Home to School/College and Adult Learner Transport Policy.  

The consultation will run between Wednesday 12 June 2019 and Monday 22 July 2019. To take part in the consultation please complete this short questionnaire.  You can also download the explanatory consultation document by clicking here.  Any responses received after this time may be considered but not included in the consultation.

The proposed changes are as follows:

  1. Creating one policy document to cover all home to school/college travel assistance to include adult learners.
  2. Operational changes in the way we provide transport as well as how parents can access SEND transport.
  3. Offering more children and young people training to develop independent travel skills and the use of sustainable travel modes.
  4. Clarity and provision for exceptional circumstances.
  5. Greater use of personal transport budgets.
  6. Simplifying the appeals procedure.

Once the consultation has closed, we will review the responses and prepare a report for Sandwell councillors on the results. They will consider any changes which may need to be made and will make a decision in August 2019. If approved by councillors, the revised policy will be operational from 2 September 2019.

Statutory consultations

Statutory consultations go on from time to time. These range from proposed road closures to changes in licensing laws.