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Councillor surgeries over the weekend have been suspended

In light of the recent tragic events in Essex and as a mark of respect, councillor surgeries over the weekend have been suspended. More details and how to contact your councillor →


We have a duty to involve our customers in decisions that affect them and the area they live, work or study in.

As well as local people and service users, our customers include local businesses, voluntary groups and visitors to Sandwell.

Current consultations

Walker Grange Consultation

Sandwell Council is carrying out a consultation regarding the future of Walker Grange, an Extra Care housing scheme in Tipton, which is council owned.

In line with our 2030 Vision, we want to ensure all our homes meet a full range of housing and support needs. There are 3 options for the future of Walker Grange, but no decision has been made yet.

You can complete our survey to have your say. The survey will close on 31st October.


Statutory consultations

Statutory consultations go on from time to time. These range from proposed road closures to changes in licensing laws.

Review of Council Tenancy Agreement

We are currently proposing to make some changes to the Council’s Tenancy Agreement.

If you rent your home from the Council, the Tenancy Agreement is a very important document as it is the legal contract between you and us, and lists your rights and responsibilities and our rights and responsibilities.

Under the Housing Act 1985 we have a legal responsibility to consult with our tenants about proposed changes and to ask for their views about our proposals. If you are a Council tenant you will have been sent a Preliminary Notice that sets out the proposed changes. We will consider all comments received by tenants before finalising any changes to the conditions of your Tenancy Agreement.

A copy of the Preliminary Notice outlining all of the proposed changes can be found here.

A copy of the current Tenancy Agreement can be found here.

A copy of the proposed draft Tenancy Agreement can be found here with all the proposed amendments highlighted in red.

If you have any concerns or comments you can either complete the on-line feedback form or you can e-mail us at:

The closing date for you to get back to us about the proposed changes is Friday 12th November.

What happens next?

We will consider all comments we receive. After this we will make a decision about the proposed changes and, if the proposals are approved, we will send you a copy of your new Tenancy Conditions and the Notice of Variation (Housing Act 1985, Section 103). When we do this, you will also be advised of the date that the changes take effect.

You will not be asked to sign a new Tenancy Agreement, but you should be aware these proposed changes (if agreed) will apply to you from the date that the new tenancy conditions are introduced.

Community Infrastructure Levy

As part of the council's commitment to the voluntary and community sector, and to help ensure the council responds positively to good ideas coming from residents, local community and voluntary organisation’s, Sandwell Council can now offer Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) grants to community groups across Sandwell.

Any funding application received for CIL requires a public consultation for a period of 14 days before a decision can be made. Details of current projects applying for funding and how to comment on the proposals can be accessed here.