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Landlord Portal

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If you are a landlord who receives direct Housing Benefit payments, the landlord portal will give you online access, 24/7 to the information you need about payments we have made to you. 

You can:

  • View all payments made to you, with full details of how the payment has been made up
  • Export the details straight to a spreadsheet
  • See the payment and entitlement history of individual tenants
  • See the status of a claim, i.e. whether it is in payment, has been cancelled or suspended.
  • See the date and amount of the next due for an individual tenant. 

Its quick and easy to sign up to the portal. First, register on our online platform ‘MySandwell.’ This just needs your name address and contact details. (If you are registering for work and are not an independent landlord or sole trader, please give your work rather than personal contact details).  Once registered on MySandwell, you can then complete our simple form to be added to the portal. 

Organisations such as limited companies, charities or registered social housing providers need to have a nominated ‘lead officer’ who accepts responsibility for the organisation’s overall portal use. This will usually be a manager or proprietor. The first question when completing the portal form is whether you are a ‘lead officer,’ other employee of that organisation or a sole trader / independent landlord. 

Sign up to the Landlord Portal via MySandwell

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(Please note that the portal will not show any details about payments made directly to your tenant)

Please see our User Guide for further information