Ending a tenancy

We are here to offer you our support and advice during this difficult time.

You will need to get in touch if you are the next of kin or acting on behalf of a council tenant who has died.

We will need to take a copy of the death certificate, once you have one.

A tenancy does not end when a tenant dies.

Following the death of the tenant only an executor (person given authority in the tenant’s will to deal with their affairs) or an administrator (person who has been given grant of probate for the tenant) can legally end the tenancy on behalf of the tenant.

You can find out more information about this on the Directgov website and you should seek independent legal advice. We will need to see proof that the person seeking to end the tenancy is the executor or administrator.

If there is no executor or administrator the council will serve a Notice to Quit on the Public Trustee in order to end the tenancy. This will end the tenancy four weeks after service.